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Install high quality Electrical vehicle charging stations at your commercial residence and see huge benefits for both your employees and your customers.

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EV Charging Installation For Your Business

We install the highest quality Zappi and Hypervolt electric vehicle charging solutions to both big corporations and smaller companies operating from a residential location.

Whether you are an employer, retailer or manager of a vehicle fleet we can help you with everything from the grant application to the final installation of your brilliant EV chargers.

Here at Smartplc, we have been providing the highest quality electrical installations across Hertfordshire and the surrounding London boroughs since our creation in 1996. You can always expect the best service possible as our team strives for prompt, reliable and efficient service for every job that they are completing.

How EV Charging Benefits Your Business

EV charging stations can massively help to keep both your customers and your employees happy. Nowadays, charging stations can be a huge factor in why a customer chooses which shop, cafe, or restaurant they want to visit. These stations are also a brilliant way to reward employees that drive electric vehicles. It can be a brilliant benefit to help improve employee morale in the workplace. –

It can also help to bring in greater revenue to your business. There truly are so many different ways to profit from having a charging station in your commercial settings. You can both charge fees or entice customers to spend more money on your premises while they are charging their vehicles. 

Another benefit is that it shows that your company is a supporter of a greener environment. This is brilliant for your brand image as it shows that you care and that you are thinking about more than just the success of your company. It can also cover you for future legislations that may be put into place surrounding EV vehicles and businesses.

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Your Commercial EV Solution

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Electric vehicles are frequently chosen by environmentally conscious businesses. At the same time, this choice places demands on employers to provide employees with a safe and efficient method of charging their cars at work. Our CTEK Chargestorm Connected products are an excellent choice for business charging. Together with you, the customer, we can then supplement the solution with RFID tags, load balancing, apps, and other features to make solution management as simple as possible.


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RFID tags provide a very easy and effective way of controlling who can charge and on which outlet. CHARGE PORTAL allows you to manage users and any RFID tags associated with users. Statistics are stored in the CHARGE PORTAL regarding charging time, energy consumed, etc. This data can then be exported as required.

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NANOGRID – Load Balancing
Load balancing is required to manage the risk of overload in the local power grid when many vehicles charge simultaneously. In the event of overload, the system automatically communicates with charging stations to lower the charging current or temporarily turn off the charging completely.


We have consistently exceeded our client’s expectations through our expertise, years of experience, and flexible resources.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are multiple ways that a business can profit from having EV charging stations installed. The presence of these charging solutions could attract new customers that drive electric vehicles to come and spend money at your commercial residence. You could also even set a usage fee for each charging point. This means that you will potentially not only make money from the driver being at your residence and spending money but also on the fee that you charge for the usage.

Zappi and Hypervolt EV charging stations are some of the most high quality products on the market. They both offer brilliant voltage and both can also change charging modes to utilise green energy from your solar PV or wind generation.

The main incentive for businesses to install EV charging stations at their commercial residence would be the OZEV scheme. This is a government scheme that has been set up to help businesses, landlords and tenants with the cost of their EV charging installations. The government will give these businesses a £350 voucher for every EV charging station that they have installed by an OZEV approved company up to 40 units

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