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Dynamic Learning Environments
The Clevertouch ecosystem enables dynamic interactive workspaces for increased student engagement and communication, from lecture halls and seminar rooms to collaborative teaching environments.

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Take control of your technology
The award-winning, free online platform ClevertouchLive is where Clevertouch truly shines. Instantly distribute eye-catching content, alert messages, and launch campus-branded images around your estate.

The Number One Solution for Education
Clevertouch Technologies has over a decade of innovation, UK-based support, pre-and post-sales, in-person training, a strong warranty, and no ongoing fees or subscriptions. It is consistently recognised for its innovation in education and is rated as the top edtech solution in its category by independent consultants.

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Positive Learning Experiences.
Delivering immersive and collaborative experiences is made possible by the Clevertouch line of devices. The lecture halls of the future will be digital, interactive learning environments, and Clevertouch is thrilled to be leading this trend.

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