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For efficient cooperation in the workplace of today, simple solutions are required. Clevertouch’s new Zoom Rooms provide you immediate access to your Zoom meetings. The proximity sensors on our screen will turn on the display as soon as Zoom Rooms are entered. Zoom Rooms powered by Clevertouch is the ideal collaboration companion for every meeting room since it works without bother or delays.

In addition to its seamless integration with Zoom meetings, Clevertouch’s Zoom Rooms offer a range of features designed to enhance efficiency and collaboration in the modern workplace. 

Intuitive Touch Controls: Clevertouch’s interactive displays come equipped with intuitive touch controls, allowing users to effortlessly navigate through presentations, share content, and engage with the Zoom interface using familiar gestures. This intuitive interface minimises the learning curve, ensuring that meetings can run smoothly without technical hiccups.

Wireless Connectivity: With Clevertouch’s Zoom Rooms, you can bid farewell to tangled cables and complicated setups. The displays support wireless connectivity, enabling users to share their screens seamlessly from various devices, such as laptops, tablets, or smartphones. This feature promotes a more dynamic and flexible collaborative environment.

High-Resolution Display: The high-resolution display of Clevertouch ensures that your Zoom meetings are presented with crisp and clear 4K visuals. Whether you’re sharing documents, charts, or multimedia content, the vivid display enhances the overall quality of your presentations, making it easier for participants to engage and understand the information being conveyed.

Annotation and Whiteboarding: Facilitating real-time collaboration, Clevertouch’s Zoom Rooms allow participants to annotate directly on shared content or utilise a virtual whiteboard. This feature encourages brainstorming sessions, idea sharing, and collaborative problem-solving, transforming your meetings into interactive and productive sessions.

Security Features: Recognising the importance of data security in the corporate environment, Clevertouch integrates robust security features into its Zoom Rooms. This ensures that your meetings are conducted in a secure environment, protecting sensitive information and providing peace of mind for both organisers and participants.

Customisable Meeting Experiences: Clevertouch’s Zoom Rooms are designed to accommodate diverse meeting preferences. Users can customise the display settings, layouts, and configurations according to their specific needs, creating a personalised and comfortable meeting environment for everyone involved.

Integration with Other Collaboration Tools: Clevertouch’s commitment to simplicity extends beyond Zoom integration. These Zoom Rooms seamlessly integrate with other popular collaboration tools and software, allowing for a comprehensive and unified approach to team communication. This interoperability ensures that your workplace remains connected and efficient.

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