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We specialize in power generation and energy storage, offering comprehensive services in the design, installation, and maintenance of diverse energy systems. Our expertise aims to decrease energy costs, minimize carbon footprints, and foster a more sustainable world. Our projects span domestic, commercial, and industrial installations, overseen by a team of qualified engineers and electrical professionals working on various building types, including large commercial offices, retail outlets, industrial plants, and domestic residences. The installed systems are geared towards optimizing energy usage

Energy Efficiency and Smart Buildings

We implement cutting-edge energy-saving technologies such as lighting, heating, ventilation, and cooling (HVAC) systems to deliver immediate cost savings. Through our intelligent building solutions, we offer a comprehensive product portfolio aimed at effectively reducing our clients’ energy expenses.

Energy Storage and Backup Power

We specialize in the installation and maintenance of uninterruptible power and energy storage systems, including technologies like FoxESS. These systems empower you to leverage locally generated power, leading to reduced energy costs and safeguarding critical building systems. With our solutions, you even have the potential to operate off-grid, ensuring continuous and reliable power availability.

EV Charger Connection Points

We are OLEV approved for installing electric vehicle charger connection points in both domestic and commercial settings. Our intelligent energy management solutions enable you to utilize locally generated power from solar PV for charging your vehicles while efficiently managing the grid connection to your site. This ensures a seamless and sustainable approach to electric vehicle charging.

EV Charging Information Here

Energy Sourcing and Power Management

Our passion lies in assisting organizations to minimize their energy costs and enhance power management efficiency.

Electrical Contracting Services In:
Domestic Homes, Commercial, & Industrial Businesses

At Smart, we have the experience and expertise to carry out electrical installations covering a wide variety of applications, from small power for domestic premises to 3-phase power for commercial and industrial businesses.

Commercial and industrial works are one of our key areas, from bespoke client design to generic installations. We provide this service as a turnkey project, allowing us to remove the burden from the client and run the entire electrical cabling infrastructure within buildings.

Our services range from installation through to complete planning, design and installation. This does not mean our local clients are forgotten, as we have a small works division that allows us to provide a first-class service for emergency call-outs.

All of Smart’s friendly electricians are fully qualified and industry-standard approved. This means that if it is an electrical problem – we have the solution. Services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Periodic inspections and reports (ECIR)
  • Fuse board changes and upgrades
  • Rewires and additional circuits
  • Energy-saving lighting
  • Part P
  • Minor works
  • Energy Efficient lighting Control Systems

As an NICEIC approved contractor, we have an obligation to ensure that our installations conform to the standards set by the Institute of Electrical Engineers Regulations for Electrical Installations, as well as meeting our clients’ requirements. Annual audits are carried out by NICEIC to ensure that our level of service and commitment remains at 100% at all times.


Past Work


Merchant Square

In the heart of London, the client requirement was to install a sensor-driven lighting system. In a busy environment, the electrical certification requirements were further complicated by the health and safety implications of a city centre install.


Eco World

After 30 long-days and numerous nights, we have just completed the electrical data fire and security installation at the new Eco world marketing suite. Amazing effort by all the Smart team, from start to finish we were there.


South Bank

The Southbank Place project is another great example of our focus on planning and the management of complex logistics, and our client was certainly pleased with the end result.


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